THE ART OF FOCUS – Monster Energy Athlete, Harry Bink opens up about his world of mental focus. In the gruelling and mentally challenging sport of Freestyle Motocross, controlling emotions, focus and composure in high pressure situations is the key to a successful career.

“The biggest challenge for me in life is mastering my thoughts and how I choose to view the world and everyone around me” – Harry Bink

What Bink was still missing was an X Games medal. That changed at X Games 2021: In Moto X Best Trick event at Axell Hodges’ Slayground facility on July 15, 2021. His very first bronze medal with a perfect double backflip one-handed nac – and all the hard work paid off! Down under at Australia’s Gold Coast, learn more about Harry Bink and what happened on the eve of X Games 2021. This is “The Art of Focus” because it’s about being “most comfortable when you’re uncomfortable.”


Written, directed and produced by our team at Headstrong Films.

“One of the best directed/produced/edited pieces of content I’ve seen. bravo crew!” – YOUTUBE USER,


The Back Story

In the lead up to the 2021 Summer X Games, we were commissioned to produce a content piece on Harry Bink’s journey. While he is renowned as one of the world’s best FMX riders, he was yet to win an X Games medal. To break the mould, we took the approach of delving deeper into the mental approach he was taking since he was about to attempt some of the highest risk tricks possible.  To achieve this we focused on many of the elements outside of the training compound.

This piece is completely written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by our in house team of creatives.


    Monster Energy Company

  • DATE:

    July 13, 2021


    The Art Of Focus: Harry Bink

  • Location:

    Gold Coast, QLD Australia

  • Director:

    Ben Heidrich

  • DOP:

    Lachlan Russell

  • Additional Camera:

    Grant Jenkins, Marcus Skin

  • Photography:

    Joe Sheppard, Aidan Rice

  • Editor:

    Ben Heidrich

  • Graphics:

    Ryan Jordan

  • Colourist:

    Ben Heidrich

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